Monday, February 20, 2006

Drive-Thru Dragon Fly

When I opened the Bottlo on Sunday morning an enormous Dragonfly blew across the ground in a curlicue of leaves and other detritus. I carefully picked it out and put it up on the desk. It seemed to exhale and it straightened itself out and we sat together quietly for a few moments while it died. I put it in a plastic money bag. By the time I got it home that evening, much of the bright tigerish yellow gold bands around its tail had faded. I scanned it… so that it in part lives on in digitized recollection of its brief but brightened glory.

“If you were designing an organism to look after life in our lonely cosmos, to monitor where it is going and keep track of where it has been, you wouldn’t choose human beings for the job. But…we have been chosen, by fate or providence or whatever you wish to call it. As far as we can tell, we are the best there is. We may be all there is. It’s an unnerving thought, we may be the living universe’s supreme achievement and it’s worst nightmare simultaneously.” - Bill Bryson 'A Short History Of Nearly Everything'

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shit Sandwich

One of my regulars in the Bentley bottlo is this priceless old character called Tommy.

I was telling him recently that we were thinking about organising a social cricket game, and perhaps he might be interested in joining in. He instantly replied:

“You know me mate… I’ll be in anything but a shit sandwich! And that’s only cause’ I don’t like bread! ”


Tommy >>>

Friday, February 03, 2006

Heavy Product

I meant to give a shout out to my old mate Adam Ford ages ago.
So better late than never I suppose.

Adam is an excellent writer and diligent advocate of literary expression. His debut novel Man Bites Dog was published by Allen & Unwin in 2003. In 2004 it won Best Designed Young Adult Book in the Australian Publishing Association Awards, and last year was runner up in the 2005 One Book, One Brisbane award.

Recently Adam chucked up a street art photo of mine on his website.
He is collecting photos of the work of a mysterious sticker artist. See extract from Adam's site below:

Heavy Product Gallery
Outside the wind has picked up. A solitary guy with a canvas satchel strapped to his back and a skateboard tucked under his arm walks past. He pats the side of the pub with one hand and strolls on. I notice that he’s left something behind where he touched the wall. Gina comes out and locks the door behind her.

“Oh, shit,” I say, nudging Gina. She looks to where I’m pointing.
Just underneath the blackboard announcing next week’s gigs is a Heavy Product sticker.
“That wasn’t there before, was it?”
“The sticker, for fuck’s sake.”
“Oh. No. No, it wasn’t.”
“It’s him, then. We’ve found him!”

Though Steve and Gina are fictional characters, the mysterious individual who places "This Is A Heavy Product" stickers on flat surfaces all over Melbourne is all too real. Below are some of the more recent sightings. If you have spotted one of the tell-tale markings left by this mysterious individual, we'd love it if you took a photo and sent it in, so it can become part of this ongoing divination project. Or if you can't be arsed traipsing out camera in hand, you could drop us a quick email and let us know where you saw it and maybe we'll go out ourselves. All contributors to the gallery will receive an exclusive Adam Ford Zine-and-Other-Stuff Pack (tm).

Check out Adam’s site at:

Illusions - Richard Bach

Listening To:
Music Vs Physics

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

South Perth foreshore

Heres some photos I took down on the South Perth foreshore last night.