Friday, March 03, 2006

Lagged me to my Mum

Talking to my Mum it has just emerged that one of my old friends, and I WILL find out WHO, made some passing comment to my Mum about 8-10 years ago that, and I quote “Denny’s been into some heavy shit”
hehehe sounds like I was in a badass crew with a heavy rep doin jobs and chunks of time! ;-)
The Fuck.
Weak as piss whoever you are…weak as piss.

To make sense for my other readers, at the time the person was referring to my drug taking adventures in the underworld.
Lagged me out to my Mum. Didn’t even “Tough Love” me, or organise a freakin intervention (not that I needed one) …and we all saw how successfully “TL” worked with Kurt Cobain (Bless)

“Its kicking on to 12 years now, and still no sign of Mr Mojo rising!”

Nothing of any substance, just a cryptic note under a door or a whispered guilt breathing in a corner…
Lagged me out to my Mum was all one had to offer…
Weak As Piss!
You know who you are!

…hehehe that was fun…I’m so hard ;-)

Listening to: Bloc Party
Reading: Valis - Phillip K.Dick

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