Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blood Tests

(Sub title: “Tough Love” The prequel)

Recently for the first time in my life I had blood tests to test for every conceivable STD, HIV or any other similar neo-zoom dweebie hazards such as the Hep gang.

I recently arrived in Melbourne for a working adventure (*Perhaps more on this at a later juncture) and had to call a doctor in WA to get the results. I controlled the fear fairly well. You’ve got to “let go” I guess. The courage to ignore that which you cannot change or affect…it goes something like that doesn’t it?
Anyhow It was a nerve wracking few minutes as the receptionist placed me on hold to fetch the results and inform me that it was all good.
How good is that? Over the years I have done many risky things, and I’m a bit fortunate I guess…so if you ever did stupid things with Den…well at least for my part (ooh err) its all good! (Motions to the sky, praying or just taking a deep breath? it is unclear)

Listening to: Faker, Bluebottle Kiss and The Cure

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