Saturday, January 05, 2008

Den's Top Ten Films 2007

I managed to get to 22 films this year. I saw 300 and Control twice.

Oddest thing I saw was an obscure 16mm 1975 drug culture film “Pure Shit” although it was known at the time as Pure S. It wasn’t particularly good, although it was interesting. I was a bit disappointed there weren’t more street shots of inner city 70’s Melbourne. The majority of street shots were at night and streaming from car windows. There was one nice moment where some of the characters after breaking into a chemist run into Edinburgh Gardens in Nth Fitzroy and hide inside the rotunda. (Rotunda: See SpiderBaits “Run” video clip)

1. Pans Labyrinth

2. Control

3. Blood Diamond

4. Atonement

5. This Is England

6. Death Proof

7. Transformers

8. The Good Shepherd

9. The US VS John Lennon

10. 300

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Den said...

There was no Den's Top Film list for 2008 or 2009 due to saving and travelling however I found this list of films I saw in 2008:

I am legend (Twice)
Joy Division (doco)
No Country For Old Men
Iron Man
dark knight

I reckon Juno being my number #1 for 2008.