Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Foodies


I’ve been away ages huh? Maybe I’ll just start every Dendonedid blog now with a paragraph apologizing for my absence… for “Times being what they are”

- “What are they?”

- “Mercurial” *

Anyway reason I’m back is to regale you with more tales from retail:

I thought it was just selling liquor that would fill me with disappointment and dread…of sorrow for my fellow man and the repetitive scenes of wasted potential…of wasted lives. Now whilst this tale of grocery shopping gone wrong may not on the surface seem as bad as a boozey life…it's getting on towards a tragedy and visions of shopping malls, hospital halls, broken families, wheezing while walking, sweating whilst eating and of early graves and

Mother & young son go shopping in a mini mart 3pm 9/8/08

And in six minutes they’ve filled their trolley with:

H/fresh 100% apple juice 2ltrs. (That’s 100% “juice” not 100% apples)

Salted Cashews 150g

Mars Bar Classic Funsize 264g

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate 235g block

Peters Ice-cream Old English Toffee 2ltrs

Smiths Salt & Vinegar chips 175g

Smiths BBQ chips 175g

2 packets - Tim Tams ‘double coated’ choc biscuits 200g

2 packets - Garlic bread 200g

2 Bottles of Lemonade 2ltr

Pascal Marshmallows 250g

Glengarry Shortbread biscuits 200g

Chicken Crimpy shapes biscuits 200g

Kraft Light Philly Cheese Sweet Chilli dip 250g

2 tubs - Copperpot double garlic & capsicum dip 170g

Salted Peanuts 170g

Nabisco Potato flavoured shapes biscuits 175g

$75 worth! They seem like nice people, really they do, the boy looks just like his mum he has a nice ruddy happy face, but also like his mum he’s getting incredibly fat. He’s about 11 years old. I don’t feel good about this negativistic grumble, but what am I gonna say? Nary a fruit or vegetable in sight, And lo though you say “Hey Den it might be shopping for a children’s party” Yeah it might’ve been but it doesn’t really matter because they shop like this all the time. Is this what the Corporation wants? I think it is. You see nobody is holding a gun to their heads right? Relentlessly encouraging people to eat this food isn’t like forcing them is it? Is it?

*Apologies to Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

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