Friday, May 08, 2009

Some random things I think of when I think about Eli:

  • Eli is unusual and likes unusual things and yet when I tell her about the most mundane crap that I’m currently interested in she gives it her full attention and makes me feel ok about it. - This in turn reminds me that celebrations of life can be found almost anywhere and this I believe is key to how she lives. She loves things big and small, significant and passing alike; Eli’s passion for knowledge reminds me of what having an open mind can do.

  • When I look at Eli I see the primal joy of living refracting off of her like a crazy fantastic rainbow. 

  • Eli drinks water funny and it makes me happy.

  • Eli smells like the future.

  •  Eli laughs like a lemon might laugh if you gave it a little face or crossed it with a pixie (assuming you could find one of course. Eli would probably help you look), her laughter reduces me to childish exuberance.

  • Eli’s way of being reminds me that innocence is neither contingent on naivety nor synonymous with weakness.
  • Eli is a fem-fantastic warrior-poet and I love and admire her. It has been both an inspiration and a pleasure to know her and I am grateful for every day of it ….I sincerely hope to know her for many many years to come

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