Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Vale Max Flory

“He had an incredibly finely-tuned and rapidly-delivered sense of erudite tangential humour that would bring great mirth to people of our ilk, but I suspect it could have caused total bewilderment to some others.
[...] he wrote (and wrote, and wrote) for the sheer love of writing itself rather than as a profession. Whenever there were troubles among our social circle, he had a ready ear and sound advice, and whenever physical assistance was needed he had a ready hand. He brought a little magic to the lives of all those he touched and he'll be remembered with great fondness.“
- Lev Lafayette

Lev Lafayette's journal

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Tone said...

"That's the sweetest plum" - Maxxy

This is what Tone said when he read Lev's bit. Maxxy said it a lot. We think he was running an old Simpsons quote.