Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Contemplating the jump...

Dalat, Vietnam: My third free jump of the day and the one that gave me the most pause. When you jumped you had to clear some rocks and a secondary ledge before plummeting 11 metres into the waterfall pool below. It tapped into all my fears of heights and was eerily similar to a dream I had a couple of years ago. See my cliff jumping blog post from 2007.

Anyway its not quite the 60 to 80ft jump I failed to make in my dream with Tom Westman, but close to 40ft will do you right? Well, it'll do me for now...I was stoked. :-)

Sideline postscript: I just noticed while doing this post that Survivor Palau's

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Toneatron said...

Awesome man :> I remember seeing people doing this over the cliff at blue lake in Plenty when I was a kid. I thought they were nuts! We'll have to head there one day for a swim. There are nice low spots you can safely jump off. Or, if you're mad, you could try jumping off the top of the cliff. People used to shove their cars off it when it was privately owned. Cor I had some fun there! http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au/resources05/05_0512.pdf