Monday, January 03, 1994

Hanging From Flory's Shoes 1994

We will all experiment
With different ways
To an out-of-it State
Mainly an escape
But really a mind rape

And at the mad gate,
We're in and standing
Having our silvery gown
Hoky drug boy clown

We might be feelin'
It's shifting though
And everything smacks of an LSD glow

We was all snaky climbin'
Through craters etching
Tunnels through the chambers
Of his heart


Den said...

So I wrote this in 1994 after a tripping session had gone bad. My late friend Max walked with me down to Shenton Park Lake. It was the wee hours of the morning. I was freaking out. He talked me down for ages. He brought me back from a deep fear lost in the wilderness. He was good like that.

Jen-O-One said...

That's beautiful Den.