Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ashley Dad of the Year


If you have a scrap of decency left in your soul then you need to find a way to help E. Her mental torment and anguish is in no small part a direct consequence of your parenting.

E told me that R will not pay for her to have counseling. The obscenity of this is beyond measure.  You two earn enough money to help your only daughter.

Whatever wrongs you believe that E did you let me remind you of this: She was a child and then a teenager. You were the adult. The duty of care, the burden of moral responsibility is yours. You need to own up to the fact that you failed her as a father and the legacy of that failure is that she is now chronically depressed. She cuts herself, is on drugs to combat suicidal thoughts and most recently she starves herself and then vomits up the food.

I will further go on the record here and add that if you and R don’t find some way to help her and restore her sense of love and belonging in this world then she will die.  Mark these horrible words down for they may haunt you in the end.

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