Friday, May 31, 2013

The Capriciousness of Youth

Ok wow...gonna assume youve elected to ignore my email. That being the case let me cease to darken your virtual door with this Paris: I dont know what it is that I did to you, beyond the cavalier or capricious behaviour of youth, and Ive heard that you hold some kind of grudge...well I'm sorry's over 20 years it a life sentence I'm serving? Anyway I can't really speak to what it is that you think I'm guilty of because apart from maybe my being a floored and naive kid I cant imagine what it is that you think I've done to you. Life is far too short dude. If I'm reading the rumours and your silence correctly....geez man...get some frickin' perspective.
I wont bother you again so feel free to slot me back into whatever villainous historical role you've been supping on these many years.

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