Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Five Years Florstar

It's been five years Florstar. Where have the years gone my old friend? Somewhere you might know? I don’t doubt. Something you are privy to now but can't shout through the curtain can't make down the line. No sight, no reception just memories and the eternal eddy of dust that curls upon itself where you last trod and the dread waves that smashed upon that same floor and rolled out the door and in ever widening circles, till everyone knew...and diminishing returns. But enough of this writer feeling sorry for himself and say something in celebration Den. Well...Maxie's team got smashed last night and he had a reasonable shocker, as did his young colleague Dane. Typical Max, annoyed at being dead I suppose. Although I'm sure he'd be bigger than that now and admonish me for such small thinking, whilst patting me on the back for burning him for a joke and year of years of personal script, secret hidden meanings and private jokes that he tried to take mainstream, but never could wax the rubicon...you just weren’t meant for these times old son and yet you made them better and more fun whilst you were.
Love Always,

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Anonymous said...

and Kaino, with all due respect, on this at least can bite-a-dick.