Monday, July 04, 2005

Candle Records

Last night I was sitting at my computer, stalling on getting ready for bed, feeling sorry for myself because I had to get up at 6am. I haven’t worked any really early mornings in years. Many nights on shift at The Terminus Hotel, by the time i got home from a night at work and afters shenanigans it was 5am or later!
Anyhow so I checked in on my email and discovered I’d won two Cd’s

“Denny,well done you've won 2 Candle CD's for leaving a message on the Candle guestbook. please email me your choices and where to send them to. thanks, chris at candle”

How cool is that! So nice to win something. I figure then that this is an appropriate moment to plug Candle Records, who have been unswervingly dedicated to their particular vision of Australian music, since 1994. As they say:
“Welcome to Candle Records, home to some of Australia's best pop acts –
The Lucksmiths, Anthony Atkinson, Ruck Rover, Golden Rough, Tim Oxley, Darren Hanlon, Jodi Phillis, The Guild League, Richard Easton and The Small Knives. They all write great lyric based songs and we're sure you will grow to love them like a family.”

Candle is also the erstwhile home of the late-n-legendary, enigmatic &
Icarus-like Sydney outfit The Simpletons. Candle still have some of their CD’s for sale, although I believe most Simpletons stuff is sold-out and now rare.

Off to work. More laters

Word of the day:

1. Whiteness; brightness; (as applied to moral conditions) unsullied purity; innocence. [Obs.]
2. A disposition to treat subjects with fairness; freedom from prejudice or disguise; frankness; sincerity.
‘tribute superior sagacity and candor to those who held that side of the question. --Whewell.’

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