Thursday, July 07, 2005

Den's Top Ten Songs (June)

Ok so without too much further ado, below is my Top Ten of songs that I’ve been listening to in the month of June. My criteria is quite loose, in that there is no time restriction on how old a work is, for example, Romania by Dappled Cities Fly is about 3 years old now. But due to my ongoing fascination with new music, most of the songs will likely be from the past 12 months.
It is a Top Ten because I believe in List Therapy ;-), but really I hate qualitative lists of Art ( hence why I’m undergoing list therapy! ), I love all of these songs, but something had to end up at number 10…and lets face it, you know I had a bunch of cool songs that have just missed out…
If I get the time and inclination, I will re-edit this post and include websites, and other interesting bits of info about artsists mentioned…but heh if your really keen, you can always email me.
And lastly, I am fairly pleased to point out, that nine songs out of my inaugural
Top Ten are by Australian acts! Go Aussie!!
If anyone can email me and tell me correctly which artist is the foreigner, then I will send them a prize.

Den’s Top Ten Songs (June)

1. Romania – Dappled Cities Fly
2. No Way Out – Love Of Diagrams
3. Walls – The Red Paintings
4. The Eve, The Girl – Dappled Cities Fly
5. The Turning – Tucker B’s
6. The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco – The Lucksmiths
7. Mr Raven – MC Lars
8. Qwest (Feat. Seed)Combat Wombat
9. Quarter To Three – Faker
10. You Saw Me Fall – The Fragments

Dig it. :-)

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