Saturday, October 14, 2006

Island That Time Forgot

Here’s a quick reminder to check out Adam Ford’s inspired Monkey Punch Dinosaur site.
Whilst using this plug as an opportunity to show off a great pic of mine that didn’t make the site because of the strict “punching” requirements. As I emailed Adam
“I don't suppose it would help if I explained that in MMA-pro-fighting terms that the monkey has assumed a position that is called ‘the mount’ (true story;-) and is pursuing a side to
side punching tactic known as ‘ground and pound’
...heheeheh except its not working and he's gonna get eaten…shhh”

...go on what are you waiting for?! Make one of your own and send it in! Go to it!

PS- Island That Time Forgot - Special thanks to Rich,Karen and Ollie for production, set design, casting and on site catering!

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