Monday, January 15, 2007

aww c'mon guys

Last Monday night we had four idiots walk into our bottlo and take 4 or 5 bottles of spirits off the shelf and then uber-casual-like stroll out of the exit. One of our guys was in the main coolroom and didnt see a thing, but Joshy caught sight of them as they were on the turn and went right up to them and said to them "Come on guys..." that if they "stopped now" and "put the stuff back" that he wouldnt call the police. Other than attack them in some way there was nothing Joshy could do. They responded by speeding up a little, all confidence, and casualled outta there. No fault on Joshy, because we dont get paid enough to be bouncers and he did real well just to get close up and confront them...anyway when we looked back on the security footage we were all struck by how funny Joshy looked as he reached out to these morons, a study of opposites - "c'mon reasonable" so here it is...the perfect caption: "aww c'mon guys!"


Samwise Gamgees said...

Hey mate, when are you going to update your site (and create a link to my blog)?

Den said...

Ive tried to link to my peers, such as yourself. Ive followwed their html instructions several times and nothing happens. Ive even experimented by deleting the existing code all togethor...but it ignores that also.
As for new material...i know i should, but often the best stuff is too damned hot or contro to go on here. People lag me to my mum don't forget ;-)