Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A virtual moment with Den

I got up late today around 10:30, hit snooze on my alarm three times. I always get a bit lethargic in the mornings around this time of the year. I think its the transition into the darker colder season. Some people call it S.A.D and I'm inclined to agree with them...that's what it feels like, so I try remember to go outside and stand in the slim bands of undiluted sunlight that part the outer lips of shadow and kiss me neatly on the forehead. I try and catch some rays, bar-up and get on with it.

I had baked beans and an egg for breakfast. I'm trying to eat less grains and less carbs. Which is very hard, because I love wheetbix and toast. Future folk will probably look back on our era and chuckle about everyone all strung out and jittering. High as a kite on all the GOD DAMN sugar. I wouldn't mind so much except that current research suggests it fucks you up in the head as much as it does in the belly.

After breakfast I read a few pages from A Fighter's Heart which is an intensely interesting book about a writers journey through the various sub-worlds of martial arts. I then sat out on my balcony where the sun was shining. In the warmth of its bathe I daydreamed briefly whilst staring down into a neighbours beautifully composed garden....catching sight of lawn, sunny lawn and childhood memories rolling in. Memories of lunches and optimism, the great unknown world of tantalising possibilities. Memories that intersect the present moment...evoking in me contemplation of my current attititude towards life. Learn to let go, learn to charge up on happiness whenever and wherever you can find it. To Be hungry without being consumed by its ambitions. To Be ambitious without being eaten by the future...To be able to survive drought.

I began reading a few pages of the novel Snow Crash. I am looking for references to the Metaverse because I am preparing to write for an oral presentation that I have to give at Uni this afternoon. My presentation is to be on Virtual Reality, with its central reference being an extract from Virtual Reality called Cyberspace and human nature. I could just leave it at an analysis of the prescribed text, but I cant help but throw in Snow Crash, which is one of my most favourite and seminal books. I was contemplating V.R and the Net and hyperreality when I felt compelled to write this little bit...a desire to share a virtual moment. I'm paying it forward right now, because I'm feeling the love and I'd be happy if you could too.



Samwise Gamgees said...

Great to see you up again Denmiester. I gotta learn to do those hyperlinks. Is that Archie the angel headed hipster? You look a bit like a pair of mormons (but more formal country oldschool).
William Gibson certainly was seminal in the VR department, but I don't know that I would call it literature, at least not good literature.
How goes the course?

Den said...

Yep thats the one and only Desolation Angel - he's incarnate!