Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Beetle

I spotted this beetle whilst working on a job in Cheltenham the other day. I'm calling it a Christmas beetle and whether or not that's true, I'll leave entomology to the experts, I'm sending it out for the season to all my readers who have loved me presently and erstwhile. You have made me real by reading me and have made me shrink with your absence and in the end this is merely my small tribute to life. Merry Christmas-beetle one and all!


anna tambour said...

This is a beautiful picture and such a happy one, for this beetle is--alive! You don't shrink from being ignored, even though you think so. What shrinks is the bladder that produces gall--that fluid that allows one to express oneself with the audacity to think that another human might be interested. Gall is, unfortunately, not related to having something to express, just the confidence to think that anyone will care. Much better to do as you have, and be driven by your thoughts that the status quo doesn't have to be accepted, and that you'd rather be ignored and still try than be stuck on yr nork, like gunk to a pavement. "I aim to explore" shows your worth. So don't let those obsessed with themselves get you down because they're more concerned with themselves and find, as many do, anyone who actually thinks art is about something other than the self, too, uh, too, uh . . .

Den said...

Thanks Anna. Best comment in a long time....gives me the succour to press on strong into 2013.

I meant to include in this Christmas beetle blog that the man who I was working for in Cheltenham came outisde whilst I was trying to photo the beetle. I heard him laugh and say to his offsider "You can tell he's from the North can't you"

All the best to you and yours for the new year,