Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Croc drags man from canoe

“Crocodile kills man after dragging him from his canoe.”
16th August 2005
This is a terrible thing for the man who has lost his life in such a brutal and bizarre way and no doubt for his family, not the least of which his poor wife, who was in the canoe with him when the great beast struck and tried to help her husband b4 being propelled into the river after their canoe capsized during the course of the attack.
Of course I feel for these people.
But how is killing this animal going to help anyone?
If a 4 mtr croc was hanging around a drain in Newtown Sydney, then maybe kill the animal as a last resort, but we’re talking about a sparsely populated, fairly remote National Park in Cape York no less. In fact I have just found on the Queensland Government & E.P.A website the unequivocal piece of advice for people wishing to canoe within Lakefield National Park
"Canoeing is not recommended because this is crocodile country"

It came on the news last night that they were searching for the “big rogue” croc.
I turned to my mum and said “Now they're gonna kill that croc or some other random 4 mtr croc that they come across…”
Unfortunately that’s exactly what has happened. They found a big croc on the 17th of August and killed it.
They cut it open and its stomach was empty. Apparently it could’ve still been the ‘guilty rogue man-eater’ due to a crocodile’s tendency to cache its food before eating it. But there’s no way to be 100% certain.
At the risk of hammering my point…best we go and kill some other big crocs, just to be sure.
August 19th Minister dismisses calls for crocodile cull

And finally I found this nice one page report (with an excellent drawing) done by a Queensland student, on the legend of a boat-attacking crocodile
A 6 metre salty known as ‘Sweetheart’

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Toneatron said...

According to the University of Florida, Queenslands crocodiles have killed approximately one person a minute for the last thirty years. Those killed included 245 saxaphone players, 84 high court judges, a transvestite couple on holiday from Tibet and a prize winning goat. I think this makes it pretty obvious that crocodiles are the spawn of satan and should be killed without delay.