Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Take

Went and saw a great doco at the Luna last night called ‘The Take’
It’s about a kinda socialist (dogma-lite ;-) movement in Argentina.
“In the wake of Argentina’s economic collapse in 2001, Latin America’s most prosperous middle class finds itself in a ghost town of abandoned factories and mass unemployment.
Thirty unemployed workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act —the take —has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head.”

-Director/producer Avi Lewis
Anyway the reason I mention this, apart from the fact that I enjoyed it and its worth checking out, is because this morning whilst at work in the bottlo, a nice old lady started talking to me about a current political issue in WA to do with trading hours and trading restrictions. (There is a proposal to lift restrictions on liquor stores opening on Sundays)
Anyhoo I gave her my spiel on how I saw the current state of play and then I went on a mini-rant about ‘The Take’ and my opinion on the role of big business in the decision making of Western governments. She asked me if I was studying Law, and then she said “Do you know that you’re the first intelligent young person I've spoken to..(she took pause) years!”
She was well pleased and left full of smiles.
Regardless of truths here…it sure did make me feel nice and hence my chucking it up here. Going to bed now…hard work today, then hard boxing and now wasted ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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