Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Not Today

England v Australia, 3rd Test, Old Trafford, 5th day.
August 15, 2005
It was way past my bed time. I had just turned out all the lights, had got into bed. I had to work in the morning, but I couldn’t leave the cricket in such a situation. I got back up.
Turned the TV on just in time to see Ponting get out for 156. Australia are 9 for 354. Four Lee and McGrath must survive 4 overs to save the Test.
For 24 balls I knocked on wood, gripped the edge of the table and spoke firmly, nervously at the TV “not today” “we are not going to lose today” “its our turn for some luck” every ball, every single ball.
Ball beats the bat and narrowly misses the off stump…
“Not today”
Skied chance falls short…
Somehow I felt in my knotted stomach that they would do it. And they did.
Lee and McGrath hung on and kept the Poms out for 24 balls. Saved the match and maybe, we shall see, the Ashes.
Series level 1-1.
In 20-odd years of watching Test Cricket a draw has ever meant as much to me.
Special mention to: Ponting, Warne, Lee, McGrath and Clarke.
Well done lads!

Final 24 balls cric-info commentary:

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