Friday, January 15, 2010


If you are upset about the Tote Hotel closing then register your protest by contacting the following people:

Emailing is good but letter writing and phone calls are best...faxes too!

Please feel free to email me with any alterations or additions.

Richard Wynne MP

State Member For Richmond:

Postal PO Box 1474 Collingwood 3066
Phone 03 9415 8901
Fax 03 9415 8918


Minister for the Arts:

* PLEASE NOTE : it may not be worth writing to Lynne Kosky since she announced her resignation today. A new Arts Minister will be announced soon.

Suite 603, level 1, 2 Main St. Point Cook Town Centre, Point Cook 3030

(08)9395 0221

FAX: 9395 3061


Victorian Minister for Consumer Affairs and the Minister for Gaming:

Electorate Office Address

9 Blackburn Road, Blackburn, 3130

Ph: 9878 4113

Fax: 9878 9135

Ministerial Office Address

Level 5, 1 Macarthur Street

East Melbourne 3002

Ph: 8684 1400

Fax: 8684 1444


Director of Liquor Licensing:

Phone (03) 9655 6600

Fax (03) 9655 6978

General inquiries Liquor Licensing:


Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal General Inquiries:

The Victorian State Premier John Brumby:


Ministerial office –
Level 1, 1 Treasury Pl, Melbourne 3002
Tel: 9651 5000
Fax: 9651 5054

Electorate office –
145A Wheatsheaf Rd, Glenroy 3046
Tel: 9300 3851
Fax: 9300 3915

Your Voice Victoria "Contact The Premier":


The Victorian Deputy Premier &

Attorney General

Rob Hulls :

Email: au.

Electorate Office Address:
473 Keilor Road, Niddrie VIC 3042
Ph: 9379 5879

Fax: 9379 4434

Ministerial Office Address:
Level 3, 1 Treasury Place
East Melbourne VIC 3002
Ph: 9651 1222
Fax: 9651 1188



richardwatts said...

Very handy list - thanks!

David said...

I'd suggest adding Rob Hulls, Attorney General:

Anonymous said...

Ms HARTLAND (Western Metropolitan) -- I rise to speak on the Liquor Control Reform Amendment (Enforcement) Bill. The Greens will be supporting this bill and will not be supporting the coalition's amendments. We encourage the Brumby government in its efforts to create an environment that does not aid a culture of dangerous drinking............

"Alcohol unfortunately is also one of the most socially accepted drugs in our society, so until that changes we face these complex challenges of alcohol-fuelled violence. Our society is saturated with alcohol, but it is also saturated with the idea that it is absolutely acceptable. This is not unprecedented in our history, and the key difference at this time is that it has become socially acceptable to consume dangerous quantities of alcohol. It is important to remember that this bill will not affect those who comply with the regulations. The bill strengthens enforcement powers under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 and makes other amendments to improve the operation and effectiveness of the act. "...............

"The Greens support the provision of greater powers and means by which problem venues can be managed. "

Allan Jefferies said...

Lynne Kosky Resigns

Robin said...

Hi Denny - thanks for the list - lets hope this mess gets sorted out soon.

Cheers - Robin