Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Diggers Abroad"

~ Photographic Highlights ~

...An ongoing retrospective

Available for your viewing pleasure


Peace in 2010 Friends.

Listening to: Jenny Wilson "Like a fading rainbow"


Kmork said...

I'm sure it's been mentioned somewhere -and please forgive my ineptitude- but nevertheless: what kind of camera was used to take these pictures?

Den said...

Thanks for reading my wee blog. I really enjoy your Psychedelic Kimchi blog.

Photo was taken with a Nikon D40 on the auto setting (no flash) and then I tweaked the saturation and gamma levels ever-so-slightly to lift the faint orange sunlight up and raise the general contrast. It was late in the evening in Sapa and the camera doesnt handle low light well and i'm not skilled enough yet to manually compensate.

Kmork said...

Thanks for the information. I enjoyed the pictures, and I liked the way that they turned out, so I was curious as to the camera used.

Would you recommend the Nikon D40 as a general purpose digital camera?

Keep those pictures coming, sir!