Saturday, June 11, 2005

Above the plateau

I had a great hard workout this morning, which I performed well in. This is especially important to me as I have been feeling very flat in all my exercising for 2-3 weeks. I have felt like I'm not getting any fitter, that I'm not able to see or feel any improvement in my physical much so that one starts to question ones own health- "Why is this young chick kicking my ass on this set of shuttle runs, which I must've done 80-90 times in the last 12 weeks? There must be something wrong with me"
Of course she could just be fitter than me! Or as a trainer kindly pointed out to me, having seen that I was quite disappointed with myself, "That was your second set of shuttle runs, and she was on her first set!!" So all this is what's commonly referred to as plateauing. So to feel like I broke through a little this morning was a real morale boost. To top off what was already a great session, I got to spar with a gifted boxer, Robbie Bryant who is a former W.A welterweight champion, Nationally ranked in Australia and a New Zealand Nat-Titles Silver Medalist. Do you think I was fuckin stoked?! :-) He even complimented me on how relaxed my shoulders were, which was very cool as it was one of the key things that my Melbourne training partner Jason "archie brown" spent a lot of time instructing me on. Left the gym on such a high. Went to a job interview on the 'moonlight' before I went to work in the bottlo, (have been looking to find a different job more befitting the experiences I gained in Melbourne). It went really well and sounds promising. I have punched, pushed, thought, bought, fought and worked hard today...and surely any moment now I will pass out...
What a fucking great day!

Listening To: Dappled Cities Fly - 'Battle Won'

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