Friday, June 17, 2005

Forever Ape

I was so sick at work last night, I’m amazed I got through the shift. Stomach ache so bad, felt like the whole thing was gonna turn inside out.
Ok today though. Must’ve been all that pineapple I ate yesterday arvo. I
Have just re-discovered the joys of chilled (fresh) pineapple pieces…..ooorrrr yeaahh.

I have just had the privilege of looking through Hugh Ford’s folio of published design and illustration work. It is full of original and outstanding work and I will ask him for permission to place a link on dis-here-blog so y’all can have a looksee…well worth it. If not I will post a couple of samples of his work whence I work out how to post pictures. Hugh is currently based in Sydney and is working as a Senior Art Director for a publishing firm and as a neo-urbanist, post-post, cutting edge design dilettante gun-for-hire.

As I write this I am also online at MSN Messenger, talking to Tone, trying to convince him to apply for a job with East Coast gig operators Jager Uprising.
They want some programming done on some online gig/function booking program….
He’s worried that it’s a conflict of interest because he’s already designed a booking program called Gigatron, which we used online for The Underpass last year.
Stupid boy. I am currently threatening him with excommunication if he doesn’t ring them today. He’s trying to duck me right now by hiding in his toilet…..stay tuned.

A Short History Of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson
Football Factory – John King

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Triple J

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