Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Blitz training session this morning. Half as long but twice the intensity. After so much training it still astounds me that I can reach the ‘wall’ of total muscle fatigue after only a few minutes…if punished in the right way ;-)

Have recently had a little correspondence with an very interesting Sydney band called The Fragments. I highly recommend visiting their site and downloading the free mp3 ‘You Saw Me Fall’. Me and Anthony had a couple of great travel moments in Thailand with this song as a memorable piece of soundtrack
There are a number of other free Mp3s to download from the site, if your keen. The Fragments have an Album coming out soon.

Now having said that I find myself with little or no time to muse on anything else, as I have to go do my stupid, pointless and low paying job….
-“but whose fault’s that anyhow Den?”
-“Kids, stay in school!”

Stay Beautiful.

Listening to:

The Aislers Set
- The Walk (Peel Sessions)
- Long Division (Peel Sessions)

-Walk in Line (joy division cover)

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