Friday, June 10, 2005

In Retrospect...again

Its funny & sad, I'm at work tonight in this bottlo in Bentley WA and I'm finding myself reminiscing uncontrollably about my old job at the Terminus. A job that in December of last year, I felt like I was completely sick to fuckn death of. In hindsight I probably just needed two 0r three weeks holiday, (which I bloody well should've taken, as I am still trying to recover over a $1000 bucks in holiday pay outta the bastads). I find myself missing so many little aspects of that job. Tonight in the bottlo it was fucking cold, 12 degrees and sheets of rain cutting in sideways and everyone was freezing, and I'm privately recalling with intense pride, the long bitter Melbourne winters in the Termo bottlo. Nights when the temperature clock on High St in Northcote read 5 degrees...and how we'd cheer as we'd read it driving past, having survived another mind-numbingly cold winter shift. I can scarcely remember what I disliked about the job. my nostalgia tracks me like a heads-up-display with no memory...
no memory, but a revisionist passion for pasts that may or may not have existed.

I'm sure I will touch upon this theme again. These last few months have been dominated by such thoughts.....

And of former Terminus comrades: Congratulations to Heidi, who at 10:53pm on the 4th of June, became a mum with a son! ;-)

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